What to do After Class 12th PCM ? The best 10 Career Options

If you are a science-math student, 12th  is almost complete. And you are confused about what to do after 12th. Apart from engineering, B.Tech, IIT-JEE, what other options are there that you can explore? We will talk about the courses after 12th.

We will also discuss short-term courses, which are very important in today’s time. We will also talk about government jobs, in case you are graduating. You can do any course.


We will discuss a lot of courses on different interest levels. How to prepare for government jobs. And if we get jobs, which jobs do we have to target? There is going to be a master class.

It will be little lengthy. But every science-math student, who is confused, will get 100% clarity after reading this article. Without wasting any time, let’s read the article.

B Tech Engineering

First, let’s see which professional degree courses are available. Let’s start with an obvious one. In case you are interested in B.Tech through IIT-JEE.

Let’s see which popular branches are available in B.Tech. Many colleges give admission to IIT-JEE without entrance. There are many students like you, or your seniors must have taken admission last year. If you don’t have a good rank in IIT-JEE, you can still get admission.

It is important for your future prospect to select good branches. We will also discuss from that point of view. If you get IITs through good rank in IIT-JEE like NITs, IIITs, etc. then you will definitely get admission. Anyway,  our  first option is B.Tech. In B.Tech, there are many selected branches in which we get a good package.

There is Computer Science & Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Marine Engineering and Chemical Engineering. In my opinion, these 7-8 branches of Engineering are the most important branches for any science student. These are the most important branches for any science student.

Because in the future, the importance of these branches is going to increase. So if you have done your B.Tech in these branches, then chances of getting a good job in the future will increase. One important thing I would like to convey is that the options here depend on your interest and strength.

So whenever you do any course after 12th or after graduation, always do it on the basis of your strength, on the basis of your interest, on the basis of your passion, on the basis of your aptitude, on the basis of your learning style. And if you know all these things, then your career path in the future will be very smooth. You won’t face any such problem there.

But if you don’t know all these things, then you may face a problem somewhere. My suggestion would be to find out your interest, find out your strength, and on that basis, select any course. Let me give you a suggestion.

If you don’t know anything about your strength, interest, or what to do next, if you are completely blank, then I will suggest a test to you. Specifically, I will suggest a psychometric test to a science student. What will happen with it? With this, you will get a clear cut of what your interest is, what your strength is.

It’s a simple test. There will be about 60 questions on your personality, on your interest, on your strength, on your aptitude. As soon as you give the exam, a report is generated, on the basis of which you get a clear cut that this field will be the best for me, for my career.

On the basis of my strength and interest, on the basis of my personality, you get the career. I will tell you the complete details of psychometric at the end of the video. Now let’s move on to the video.


BSc Degree Course

The second one is BSc. A lot of students don’t go for B.Tech. It is possible that they don’t want to give ITJ, or it is possible that they don’t want to do engineering.

In that case, BSc is a suitable specialization for us. And where your B.Tech is around 7 to 8 lakhs, your BSc is around 1 lakh. And there are a lot of popular branches in BSc, like in pure science, there is physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, there is biotech, there is information technology.

So here too, you get a better specialization. If there is a little confusion between B.Tech and BSc, then watch my video on B.Tech vs BSc. Still, let me clarify a little.

B.Tech is a little practical side, and BSc is a little theoretical side. So if you are a student who is interested in research, who is interested in teaching, who likes the theoretical aspect of science, then BSc is a perfect option for them. This was the obvious choice.

Now let’s see which other degree courses are available for PCM students after 12th. Architecture line can be very suitable for you. If you are interested in architecture, if you have a personality in architecture, then B.Arch will suit you a lot.

Management and Commerce  Degree

BDS is for those students who are interested in designing. If you are interested in management, then BBA course is for you. Now you can do all these courses.

If you check their eligibility, then science students are eligible for all these courses. You can do B.Com. Yes, you can do B.Com. If you want to make a career in accounting and finance field, then you can also do B.Com course. Although this is for commerce field, but science students can do B.Com courses.

If you are a creative student, interested in dance, music, theater, painting, then BFA course will be very good for you. If you are interested in programming, then BCA course is not good for you. For hotel line, you can do B.H.M course.

This course is for 3 years. B.A. Bachelor of Arts is very good. You get good specialization here also.

If you want to go to UPSC side, if you want to prepare for government examination, then you can also opt for B.A course. Many students do B.English and B.Economics honours for PCM background. So you also have these options open up.

Journalism  Law  Education Degree Course

If you want to go to Journalism line, then you can opt for B.J.M.C course. You can also opt for B.W.O.C course. All these degree courses are recognized by UGC.

There is no fraud here. If you want to do LLB course, then you can opt for Integrated LLB course. B.Sc. LLB or B.B. LLB.

These two options are very good for you. You can also opt for Integrated B.Ed course. It is called B.A plus B.Ed. Many universities have started B.Sc. B.Ed course.

You can also opt for that course. It is an integrated course for 4 years. There are so many courses.

It depends on your interest and strength. Please don’t look at parents. If you are watching this video from your parents, then please don’t look at other students or look at their brother or sister.

Please don’t suggest their career. Please don’t choose their career. Let them find their strength.

Let them find their passion. Based on that, choose one of these courses. Psychometric tests are very affordable.

If you buy it, then you will get 2 to 3 lakh rupees for 3 years. If you invest 0.1% in something that tells you with 100% surety what is the interest, strength and aptitude of the child and it will be useful for a lifetime. It will be useful for a lifetime.

The child will know in which field he can do well. If he chooses that field, then the headache of the child and the headache of the parents will be reduced. As a career counselor, I have always tried psychometric tests.

Thousands of my students have tried it. I see their results. They are so successful in life and they are enjoying their work.

I understand the importance of psychometric tests. If you are in 12th or 11th or even 12th pass out, if you do psychometric tests right now and find your direction, because once you go in a direction, it becomes a little difficult You can go back at any stage of life. The Indian education system gives you the liberty to divert.

But if you already know, as you see, neither the children nor the parents have the patience to see their children struggling. If they choose a career where their strength, interest and personality match, then they get success very quickly. This is a short-shot formula.

It is less in India. The importance of psychometric tests is very high worldwide. In India, people are slowly coming to know about it.

It is more famous in the teaching and counselling field. In the tier 1 cities, almost 50% of the children get psychometric tests done. As a career counsellor, I want it to be popularized because the results are very good.

We will talk about it later. I will give you the details at the end. Let’s move ahead.

Some students enroll in any course like B.Sc, B.Tech, B.C.A, B.B.A. Then they ask for extra courses. You can do Business Analytics courses, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses. There are no options in Science and Math.

Language Course, Marketing, IT etc

You can do programming languages courses, quality management Web Designing, VFX, Digital Marketing, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, MS Office courses. These courses are around 6 months long. You can easily do them with your UG.

It is a time of multiple skills. The more you upgrade your skills, you are taking a degree, right? B.B.A, B.C.A, B.Tech, B.Sc, B.B.A, whatever courses you want to do, whatever interests you have, whatever field you are interested in, in which you feel you can make a career, in that field, do the courses properly. There are 6-month, 3-month courses.

Jobs after 10+2

Do those. You will get an upgradation in your CV and chances of getting a good job. In today’s time, there is not much importance on the basis of plain UG.

If you go to an interview where you have done a plain course and in another interview, you have done an added course, for example, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Digital Marketing, they will get more importance. For a government job, it is difficult. Why am I not so favorable in today’s time? I am not favorable because the right candidate is not preparing for a government job.

Understand who has to do it. Those students have to prepare for a government job who are brilliant. Brilliant means those who have a sharp mind.

If you are from the general category. If you are above average, then also you can prepare. But if you are from the general category, then you have to be brilliant.

There is no logic in today’s time. You have to come to merit to get a government job. You have to give at least 2 years.

Without coaching, it is not possible. You have to take a coaching because the level has become very hard. Approximately 30-40 lakh students apply for a government job.

How much is the postage? 6000-7000. Maximum. It is a very tough competition. 

You can study 7-8 hours a day. There is so much commitment. I call it madness. Not everyone can get a government job. Only those who are mad can go to this level and prepare. There are many options.

It is better if you want to go for a government job with your graduation, then prepare for the government examinations. Be it SSC-CGL, CHSL, IBPS PO, RRB examinations, Regional Rural Bank examinations, you can prepare for that. There is RBI grade B, LIC AO, UPSC civil service examinations.

You have to decide this Graduation second year is a perfect time so that you can get the time to prepare. If you think about it after graduation, it might be a little late. If you prepare for the government examinations then you have a clear picture of whether you want to go for it or not.

Let’s move ahead. Data scientist jobs are very popular. What is the nature of work? Complex data that we are not able to understand, be it in the form of tables, charts, graphs, The job of a data scientist is to simplify them.

Actuaries are used in insurance companies for the knowledge of mathematics and stats. This is also a calculation-based job. You can go as a mathematician, you can become a mathematician, you can go in the research field, you can become a computer scientist.

This is a very prestigious profile. To get this profile, you have to do something related to that profile. To become an actuary, you will have to do courses related to actuary or you will have to do a master’s or undergraduate in stats and mathematics.

Similar goes with mathematics as well. You will have to do B.Tech or B.Sc. Mathematics or M.Sc. Mathematics. To become a computer scientist, you will have to do B.Tech Computer Science or B.Sc. Computer Science.

Operational research analyst is a very important profile. All the day-to-day operations, decision-making, problem-solving in the supply chain, they handle and do the research. Then comes environment.

If you have done B.Sc. Environmental Science, you can become an environmental scientist. You can become a financial analyst. If you want to do accounting or finance, you can become a financial analyst.

There are a lot of famous specializations here. There are statisticians, research scientists. You can also go in teaching or profession where you can apply for a lecturer or professor after the master’s.

For that, you will have to clear UGC-Net. UGC-Net, CSIR. UGC-Net is for other streams.

Specifically, UGC-Net, CSIR is for science students. You can clear it and apply in any Indian universities as a lecturer. There are a lot of options.

You get the job profile with an educational background. The interviewer asks you what you know about this field. How much experience do you have in this field? That can only happen if you have studied in this field, worked in this field, etc.

These were the options after 12th and PCM. I am focusing on one thing Don’t just look at it. Everyone has a different personality.

If you are  parents  of the candidate, please listen to me carefully. Everyone has a different personality. If you have two kids at home, their IQ level and personality will differ.

You might think that if one can crack IIT JEE, the other can also do it. No, it is not necessary. Everyone has a different personality, different IQ level, different interests, different strengths, different ways of looking at things, different perspectives.

Please don’t look at everyone in the same standard. What does psychometric do? It is an MCQ-based, objective-based test. It is very famous worldwide.

It is also gaining popularity in India. It takes you to a test for about an hour. You can do it at home, on your computer, or on your phone.

After the test, a 6-7 page report is generated. It clearly shows the top 3 professions that you can pursue It specifically mentions the 3 good professions that you can choose. Plus, your interest area, learning style, personality is clearly defined in these 6-7 pages, which you can easily understand.

I recommend to my students a platform called Carrier Guide. The majority of the psychometric I refer to Carrier Guide for my students’ career counselling.

Their psychometric is world class psychometric. It is India’s number one career counselling platform. Their psychometric is called Idle Carrier Test.

I am recommending it to you. You can check it out. You will find the link in the description.

Let’s disclose the rates of this test. This test is for the year 2000. If you check their website, it is available for 699.   It will be available for 3 months. It will be available for 1 month. I have spoken to their counsellors.  It is available for 699. It is very reasonable. You will not find anything more reasonable than this.

You can start. There will be a sample report. You can click on it.

As it is, you will get a report. You will get an idea. There will be If you want, you can pay after the test or before the test.

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