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We are going to talk about a subject which is a dream of yours, mine and our parents that our child should be able to stand on his feet and our name should be growing and whether this is happening through your government exam or through private sector.   

Today we will talk about where the competition is increasing and where it is decreasing and which new emerging sectors have come to you.   The aim of this article is to make you aware that whatever you are going to get in the next 4-5 years. 


What happens is that you go to college, 3 years pass then 3 more years pass and after 6 years you stand up and think I wish I knew about that thing many of my friends did that, why didn’t I know and in this age of the internet where this knowledge is easily accessible. This sadness should not remain inside us. We have become the most youthful nation in the world,  we are the largest and in this it is our responsibility that we are bringing an employment. A job for ourselves.  

We cannot depend on the government. They have made a mood of privatization whether you talk about Air India, Electricity Department or Road Department.  Government jobs are decreasing. So in this,  many new sectors are coming about which I want to make you aware. Those who dream of government jobs, they have to do that before that. We have to understand the job sector, where, how many jobs are there and which new opportunities are coming in government jobs. 

The selection ratio is less than 1%  in Govt Jobs and if we talk about engineers who have completed 4 years degree,  out of 100 engineers only 20 get jobs. If we talk about CA it is 12%  and 70-80% people get jobs in healthcare qualified.  Now, you must note that, skills is a new sector which is going to be our backbone in today’s article.  I will tell you about it in details. 

This is a topic which is booming and kids are breaking into this domain.  Government jobs are less than 1% so we should prepare for this with due precaution.  Everyone is looking for better avenue and if the selection ratio is so less in Govt Jobs, what is happening to the remaining people who failed to achieve a govt job and what are they doing in our country ?

I will tell you all these things. The competition increase or decrease, if we compare from the last 10 years then your awareness about competitive examination should update. SSC , State PSC, PSU, Bank, Rail, Defence and  other Govt administrative organisations  exam is there or some other type of exams.  This awareness has increased along with that the resources of education have also increased that things are easily available on youtube.  It is now available at very low prices. 

Education has reached door to door which is a very good thing. These two things have increased and the seats/ posts in Govt Departments have decreased.  Why seats have decreased ? Because the government is turning towards privatization.  Automations have been introduced to make the process easy and requirement of manpower has been reduced.  Private sectors are efficient and they have to take out their expenses and profit so they take care.  If we talk about the electricity department it used to come under the government but now it has reached door to door.  Earlier electricity was stolen now it is reduced upto 90% after privatization.  If you talk about roads it used to remain broken  but after privatization, the roads have no potholes  and we do not feel sad to pay toll tax so the good effects of privatization enjoyed by the citizens. 

Similarly if you look at Air India, Tata has bought it out.  Some people were saying earlier we were government so we used to work in this traditional way which can never compete with the private airlines.  Now, since privatization has happened, they have changed the way of working which leads to more productivity.  The private sector has to bring efficiency then only there will be return of investment only then it will be profitable.  There are many segments which are not getting privatized.  But in future there might have possibility.

Now we will discuss what about the failures who could not achieve a govt job? It is true that in any government exam if there are 10 lakh candidates appears only a few, maximum 5000 candidates selected.  Approx. 20%  candidates not appears and among the candidates who appears, only 30% candidates actually prepare for the examination , so, you can assume that the actual aspirant is only 25% who are serious about their examination.  So, you need one seat at the end and you should set a deadline that how many years I will be giving it  and what do the rest of the people do in India ?  Today, in India there are 50 crore workers and out of these 50 crore,  majority 41%  is in agriculture and dairy sector, 26% in industry sector / manufacturing  and 33% in service sectors means engineer, doctor, lawyer CA, driver plumber etc who take salary in return of service and the biggest fact that only 6% out of these 50 crore is working in organized sector.  Organized sector  means government jobs, PSU, renowned private companies like TCS, Wipro , Microsoft ,Google or small companies / state owned companies etc.   

So, only 6% out of these 50 crore are working in organized sector and remaining 94% is in unorganized sector who all are also doing something as I have described above.  If you have studied economics, you will not get that much efficiency with time as the development we will be coming towards this.

So, what should be the solution ? let’s move towards the solution.  The most important part of our discussion is that everyone can study till 12th but many of us studied till 12th then we got a chance to go to college, some people prepare for engineering, doctor and there are many people who do B.Sc., B.A., B.Com they stand at the gate after college without any job.   Some people say go to government for job they spend 3-4 years more in preparation.  Parents are with the same ideology and they belong to the segments as discussed earlier i.e – Farmers – 41% and their children who are from middle class family, are coming to the nearest city and living in rental house/mess/hostel with an average expenses including food near about Rs 10,000/- on an average.  Rs 10,000 per child 1.20 lakh per year excluding fees of coaching institute and expenses of books for 3-4 years.  But the child is disappointed every year as they run in a struggle phase that is very tough and this was a journey what is happening now. 

You might have known Aman Dhatarwal who is 24 years old and 150 people working in his organization. When he started 3-4 years ago he was also 20-21 years old and  many have joined  even some are college students in very small age, 1st year students who have some skills like  video editing, animation graphic designing at least they joined stipend and now 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and after 3rd year  these pass out students are getting a salary packages of Rs 40,000, 50,000 60,000 per month.

These are such kids who had low marks in 12th or for some reason they studied in open college in 1st year but for 6 months, they learned skills, got a job and kept on up skilling and getting Rs 60,000 per month.  Even engineers don’t get this much and there are such students who got low marks in 12th.   What will you do in future ? These kids learned skills,  upskilled themselves and now they are on their feet.  This is a new sector. What do you want to say – our parents will not allow us..  I am saying this there are many of you who do government exam from 11th or 12th, that’s good but majority of you don’t spend much time in college.  Why don’t  you pay your college fees at your own ? why don’t you as an Indian youth learn a new skill ?

Someone will give us a job when we will be skilled in some skill. Someone will give us 5,000 or 10,000 when I will be able to do some work.  Why don’t we learn digital skills ?  We just need a laptop.  We need a phone.  When we pay Rs 10,000 per month for coaching for government job preparation, why don’t you buy a laptop for Rs 10,000/- only ( refurbished available in Amazon/Flipkart/ Local market) .  Why don’t you install Jio sim and learn some technical skills through internet ? If you want to go in media industry ? Learn this if you want to go in marketing.  Learn this and it doesn’t matter in the beginning that you are getting Rs 5,000 per month Rs 10,000 per month or Rs 15,000 per month or if you have to do it for free then do it but what will happen in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, you will be upskilled and you will have a good paying job.  If in India, people say there is no job,  if you have skill you will get a job – 100%.  Employers – companies are hungry they want a talented person a skillful person. 

In 3 years you can get any skill from 0 to 1 so why don’t we do this in our colleges ?  This is not only government’s responsibility to give us a job.  Government will do things where there will be more efficiency.  Privatization, new schemes who wants to go in government job – it is a passion to work with power or status and remaining nothing.  If you love to work hard, want to establish in early age, work hard and leave the competition.  The competition in all sectors are increasing.  I am not discouraging  you for govt job but it is truth that the success ratio is very less and there is huge uncertainty due to political and other matters. 

What do you want to do in your life , we often not able to discover it but keep searching . You can start with some skills. Why don’t we pay our college fees with your own earning ? I will always recommend you what you must have done. It feels good when you pay from your bank account. Your parents are happy if you share your first salary with your parents. In 3 years in your college life,  take a skill and upskill it.   I can show you many examples in tech field,  there are students who didn’t get good college  but working with some responsible post in corporates , who studied in open colleges,  learned web development qualified many modern utility courses and earned Rs 70,000 per month.

 Some were doing open college and didn’t waste their college fees.  Learned skills earned salary earned Rs 70,000.  Before graduating why don’t you become such a person ? yes or no many of you don’t have laptop , money , don’t feel bad.  Why not do something to earn money ? may jon telecom company , calling team , Sales Boy etc and you can earn little there is no shame you learn from there if your selection is in a big college and you know you will get job then maybe don’t make so much sense.   You may start from small things and things get big while doing some work is small.  Your 5-6 years with wise stepping forward can change your destiny. Why should we depend on government ? This is our responsibility.  You are taking your job when you do job you don’t earn for yourself. Rather you have power to spend,  you give job to other people also indirectly ,  you order something you go out then you are giving employment to other people.  You  are now part of the building multitrillion economy of our country. 

We can built our country , so we should not waste our 3 years in college.   Maybe you have goal to prepare for 3 years then you are utilizing your time you have assigned your goal for that love you.

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